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Catching up on news and events affecting the field of behavioral health and releasing insights into the world

Behavioral health conditions, including substance use and mental health disorders, are among the most complex medical conditions. Our collective understanding of the biological, cultural, and societal stressors and PTSD and developmental trauma as root causes of these conditions is evolving.

Foundry Steamboat is home to exceptionally experienced clinicians and thought leaders who provide direct care to individuals and families living with and healing from behavioral health conditions. The Catch & Release series provides opportunities for these professionals to reflect on their insights and experiences in treatment and comment on important and timely issues affecting the health of individuals, families, and society.

Catch & Release - Episode 1

Increased marijuana use by parents puts children at greater risk for adverse events and may hamper family member recovery.

Reporting by the Society for the Study of Addiction suggests that recreational marijuana legalization leads to more parents and guardians using marijuana at home. The use of any elative substance can lead to its misuse. The chances for substance use disorders in homes with children increases as more parents use marijuana. Substance misuse is considered an adverse childhood event (ACE), a factor that significantly increases risks for problems in later life. Some parents may not know that exposing children to marijuana misuse is deleterious. Many people may think that children can only be negatively impacted by marijuana if they use it themselves.

Foundry Treatment Center CEO Ben Cort, and Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Michael Barnes, provide perspectives on marijuana use disorder and its effects on individuals and family systems. Ben Cort is the author of Weed, Inc., a critical account of marijuana commercialization in the US, and a national marijuana policy speaker and educator. Dr. Michael Barnes is an experienced clinician and lecturer with more than forty years of direct care experience who treats patients experiencing problematic substance use, including marijuana use disorder.

In this video, the colleagues break from fly-fishing Colorado’s Yampa River to discuss the study’s findings and relay their experiences with problematic marijuana use in family systems. The discussion suggests that use disorders among parents, whether marijuana or other substances, can prioritize substance availability and use over the needs of children. Other problems arise when substances become connected with family traditions or identity. When families accept and integrate substance use, it can be challenging for members seeking recovery to feel supported and makes it harder for loved ones to assist in their family member’s recovery.

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