Clinical Treatment

The fundamental clinical approaches used at Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat are Trauma Informed Care and Motivational Interviewing as they take a person centered approach, promote positive self-regard, increase motivation, and create an atmosphere of compassion.

Getting sober is hard! It is hard for the person in active addiction and for the family and friends who love them. We know that prior to seeking treatment, potential clients and family members have been trying everything to resolve addiction-oriented problems and to return to a more “normal” way of living. Unfortunately, even with our best efforts, solutions to these life-changing issues are difficult to find. With this thought in mind our clinical team is respectful of the fear, frustration, and uncertainty that clients and family members can experience when making the decision to reach out for help!


Once a client has entered treatment at Foundry Steamboat, we address their clinical needs through a comprehensive model of care. Our model incorporates detoxification services, addiction and medical education, evidence based clinical treatments, wellness activities, introduction to 12 step and other recovery social support programs, and long-term aftercare planning. While all clients participate in these services, how they are incorporated into each individualized plan of care is based on an assessment process that looks at unique treatment needs based on a client’s drugs of choice, medical concerns, mental health concerns including trauma, depression, and anxiety, family issues, work issues, and legal issues.


Trauma Integrated Care is viewed as an essential component for any substance abuse treatment. A majority of those abusing substances have experienced some form of trauma in their life which is likely to contribute to their use of substances. Dr. Michael Barnes, our Chief Clinical Officer, is a national speaker and thought leader in the areas of Trauma Integrated Addiction Treatment and Trauma, Addiction, and Families. His model considers trauma to be on a continuum of biological, psychological, relational, and spiritual symptoms. These symptoms can result from developmental trauma caused by living in a family with a history of addiction, mental health issues, or trauma. They can also result from significant childhood or adult traumatic events that result in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Our Model is built on a foundation of Trauma Informed Care where all clients are treated as if they have experienced trauma whether they report it or not. The goal is to prevent retraumatizing clients.  To be fully trauma integrated, we train our staff to understand and recognize active trauma symptoms that are experienced when working on memories and consequences of past traumas and active addiction. Once symptoms have been identified, we can quickly incorporate clinical interventions such as Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy (EMDR), Mindfulness Meditation, Trauma Informed Yoga, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and physical exercise to assist traumatized clients to regulate anxiety, fear, and anger before it hijacks the treatment process. 


Finally, Foundry Steamboat utilizes technological interventions such as the Alpha-Stim and BioSound Therapy. The Alpha-Stim can aid in the reduction of pain, as well as drastically reduce anxiety and PTSD symptoms, alleviate some depressive symptoms and improve sleep through a patented waveform. The BioSound Therapy integrates Heart Math, music therapy, sound frequency, massage and guided imagery. The binaural beats induce a theta level meditative state and low frequency vibrations trigger a natural relaxation response. The therapy helps induce coherent heart rhythm patterns that synchronize the body’s nervous system, while the positive affirmations used in the guided imagery help develop mindfulness and awareness.

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