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Complete Addiction Treatment

A systemic approach leading to a higher quality of care

At Foundry, we believe that a long-term, comprehensive program that incorporates the 4-pillars of complete addiction treatment will bring about potential for permanent recovery.

Complete Addiction Treatment
The Foundry Experience

Pillar of Success


Our medical program takes a progressive and holistic approach to addiction recovery.

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We meet the individual needs of each specific patient to support their path to recovery.

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Complete recovery can’t happen without an emphasis on calm mind and healthy body.

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Our focus on family involvement substantially increases long-term recovery rates.

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We take a comprehensive, evidence-based and best practice approach to recovery, using modalities such as DBT, CBT, EMDR, Biosound Technology, Alpha-Stim, Biomat, yoga, physical fitness, horticulture, family, and outdoor experiential therapy – all intended to address physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We combine that with a long-term continuum of care, designed to transition participants back to independent living in phases that are constructed to comprehensively address all aspects of rehabilitation.

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