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Virtual IOP Program (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Virtual IOP Program Offering Online Addiction Treatment for Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions & Delivering Gender-Responsive and Trauma-Integrated Care to increase effectiveness and improve long-term outcomes

The Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat Virtual IOP Program (Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program) provides high-quality, evidence-based online addiction treatment for adult men and women in Colorado and Wyoming experiencing problematic substance use, trauma, and co-occurring mental health conditions. The program is appropriate for adults who are medically stable and have completed any necessary detoxification, inpatient psychiatric care, or residential treatment programs.

The Trauma-Integrated Care model developed by Foundry Steamboat Chief Clinical Officer, Michael Barnes, is designed to make treatment more effective by addressing unresolved trauma, helping individuals learn to lead a full and balanced recovery-supportive lifestyle, focusing on home safety, and educating loved ones and family members.

Effective, Accessible Online Addiction Treatment

Foundry Steamboat’s Virtual IOP Program is provided via secure telehealth for the comfort and convenience of clients. Get the comprehensive, high-quality treatment you need from comfort and convenience of home.

Any adult residing in Colorado and Wyoming with internet access, a device capable of running the necessary teleconferencing software, and a private setting in which to attend therapy sessions can benefit from this program. Foundry Steamboat is in-network with major insurers to make high-quality care highly accessible.

Looking for online alcohol treatment, online drug treatment, or rehab from home? We may be able to help.

We provide online addiction treatment to Colorado and Wyoming adults experiencing addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our program is especially effective for people in rural and mountain communities far from a high-quality addiction treatment facility. Our skilled and experienced clinicians provide the evidence-based therapies and solution-oriented approaches you would receive at an in-person intensive outpatient treatment center but via telehealth. A Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat treatment professional can help you or a loved one determine if our online rehab program can meet your needs or if you may benefit from a different program.

We accept RAE 1 Medicaid (Rocky Mountain Health Plans) and most major insurance.

Jeremy Holburn, MA, LPC, NCC Outpatient Director

Trauma-Informed Care

Virtual IOP (Virtual Intensive Outpatient Services) Offering an Effective Online Addiction Treatment to adults throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

via secure teleHealth

  • Virtual programs three evenings per week from 6 - 9pm.
  • Process and psychoeducation with experimental components.
  • Our Virtual IOP is available adult women and men in Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Foundry Steamboat is in-network with major insurers to make high-quality care highly accessible.
  • Foundry Steamboat accepts RAE 1 Medicaid (Rocky Mountain Health Plans).
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Program Schedule

  • Three, three-hour structured group sessions per week (6:00-9:00PM)
  • Individual counseling sessions with an LPC/LCSW
  • Individual recovery coaching sessions with a certified addiction specialist
  • Clients typically receive individual sessions with a counselor or recovery coach once weekly

Relationship matters when it comes to Virtual IOP.

Establishing a strong and trusting therapeutic alliance is vital for clients and clinicians. Foundry Steamboat treatment team members are exceptional caregivers whose experience, skill, and approachability help clients feel comfortable, cared for, and inspired. Foundry Steamboat is a workplace that supports clinical excellence by fostering collaboration, wellness, professional development, continuing education, and innovation.
Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where it operates a residential treatment facility for men. Foundry Steamboat treatment team members live, work, play, and have family and friends throughout Colorado, and surrounding states. By sharing the cultures, traditions, and ways of life that make the Mountain West such a beautiful and diverse place to call home allows the Foundry Steamboat team to better understand and address its clients’ challenges.
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