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Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat makes quality care its highest priority and is accredited by the Joint Commission and is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Elite Care Center.

The Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat adheres to the highest care standards and is an accredited and licensed treatment facility in which clients, families, and referring professionals can feel confident and safe. Foundry Steamboat is accredited by the Joint Commission, America's most significant quality certification body for medical providers. The program is also one of the nation's few Pro Football Hall of Fame Elite Care Centers — a designation that reflects its ability to uphold excellent quality care standards and provide evidence-based treatment.

Quality is about more than accreditation and licensure.

While Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat is a licensed and accredited behavioral healthcare treatment facility and its clinicians are eminently qualified, experienced, and licensed professionals, the program believes that high-quality care results from a culture that fosters excellence and ethical practice. Foundry Steamboat places client care as its highest priority. All practices, training, compliance standards, and services are carefully planned and thoughtfully delivered to achieve the clinical goals appropriate to each client and family served.

Proud to be selected by the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat is a Pro Football Hall of Fame Elite Care Center. Established in 2021, the Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health program makes high-quality mental and behavioral healthcare more accessible to current and former NFL players and their family members regardless of their financial status. A Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health designation signifies excellence and the ability to help professional athletes and their loved ones address the complexities of substance use and co-occurring substance use conditions while reducing the stigma often associated with seeking treatment. 

Being named an Elite Care Center is not Foundry Steamboat’s only connection to the world of sports. For years, Foundry Steamboat CEO Ben Cort has provided education and advisory services to professional and college sports leadership, management, and players. In addition to teaching about problematic substance use and its relation to sports performance, Cort helps institutions develop supportive policies, such as employee assistance programs and other treatment support initiatives. Foundry Steamboat is in a unique position to help athlete families.

While individuals are diagnosed with behavioral health conditions, these conditions affect entire family systems. Addiction tends to run in families and exposes members to negative emotions, fear, physical health risks, and trauma. The Michael Barnes Family Institute, a newly introduced Foundry Steamboat program, provides curriculum and coaching to any family with a member experiencing substance use disorders. This two-level program helps family members learn to have difficult conversations safely and productively and helps them develop recovery-supportive home environments. The Michael Barnes Family Institute welcomes families regardless of whether a member is receiving treatment for behavioral health conditions. It is an ideal starting point for families to comfortably and safely get members the services they need.

Jeremy Holburn, MA, LPC, NCC Outpatient Director

Trauma-Informed Care

We now offer Virtual Intensive Outpatient Services to men throughout Colorado.

via secure teleHealth

  • Virtual programs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6 - 9pm.
  • Process and psychoeducation with experimental components.
  • Our Virtual IOP is available adult men eligible for IOP level care.
  • Foundry Steamboat is in-network with major insurers to make high-quality care highly accessible.
(844) 955-1066

Program Schedule

  • Three, three-hour structured group sessions per week (M, W, F, 6:00-9:00PM)
  • Individual counseling sessions with an LPC/LCSW
  • Individual recovery coaching sessions with a certified addiction specialist
  • Clients typically receive individual sessions with a counselor or recovery coach once weekly

Relationship matters

Coloradans treating Coloradans

Establishing a strong and trusting therapeutic alliance is vital for clients and clinicians. Foundry Steamboat treatment team members are exceptional caregivers whose experience, skill, and approachability help clients feel comfortable, cared for, and inspired. Foundry Steamboat is a workplace that supports clinical excellence by fostering collaboration, wellness, professional development, continuing education, and innovation.
Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where it operates a residential treatment facility for men. Foundry Steamboat treatment team members live, work, play, and have family and friends throughout the state. By sharing the cultures, traditions, and ways of life that make Colorado such a beautiful and diverse place to call home allows the Foundry Steamboat team to better understand and address its clients’ challenges.
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