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What Fills Your Cup

What Fills Your Cup

What fills your cup?!


I recently read an article about getting rid of toxic things in your life.  It made me think about what ACTUALLY fills my cup. And, on the flip side, what drains it.  A few things that have filled my cup recently:  sunshine, tea date with Aloha, trying a new Pilates class, ice cream with Theo, the gang back together, my sister’s smile, watching Kara get her first muscle-up, a side country hike with the boys, an extra workout with Jaime.  And the list goes on…


People ask me ALL the time why I do CrossFit.  There are more than one hundred reasons why but the single unparalleled authentic reason, is the family, the community, the squad.  This is what keeps everyone coming back for more.  Sure, you look fantastic, you feel amazing, you can pull cars off of small children, you can do hundreds of push-ups and pull-ups, you accomplish new things every day, youPR, you try new things, you become better at the things you do outside the gym, and you have one hell of family that would do just about anything for you.


So, my challenge to YOU this month is to search high and low for what fills YOUR cup, big or small.  It could be a morning meditation or an afternoon dog walk.  It could be a random act of kindness or a phone call to your mother.  I suggest surrounding yourself with like-minded people and get rid of the ones that drain you.  Replace the negative with positive.  And, by filling your cup first, you can be abetter person, friend, spouse, co-worker, parent to those around you.


Here are a few tips to help you fill your cup, and in turn, fill someone else’s:


1.      Take care of yourself-Eat well, sweat daily, get good sleep, and have a glass of water every once in a while.  Find the things that make YOU feel healthy and do them!  This will allow to show up better in your every day.

2.   Say no-Stop saying yes will when you REALLY mean no.  Go with your gut instinct and stick to your decision.

3.   Try something new-You will be amazed at how great you feel by the challenge, the accomplishment, and the “good” hurt.  Plus, change is good, right?!

4.   Meet up with a friend and have a genuine face-to-face conversation-I can’t begin to tell you how simple this seems and how hard it is to schedule. Just do it.  Make the time.  It is WAY worth it.

5.   Get outside-It is a funky time of year no doubt but make yourself get at least a few moments of fresh airEVERYDAY.  It is like a breath of fresh air…. HA!    You will feel instantly full.


Stop and smell the roses. Don’t worry be happy.  Stay present.  Say thank you.  Look around you, find the simple joys in life, and remember that if it doesn’t fill your cup, dump it.  Happy Spring.


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