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Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat sponsors and participates in continuing education programs for behavioral healthcare professionals throughout Colorado and nationwide. Gain valuable insights, learn new skills, meet new colleagues, and earn education credits by attending Foundry Steamboat CEU events.

Foundry Steamboat Continuing Education is a lecture series that invites leading experts to present research findings, clinical insights, and real-world case studies that are directly relevant to behavioral healthcare professionals including addiction doctors, clinicians and counselors, nurses, and other professionals required to earn CEUs to stay abreast of important developments.

Foundry Steamboat team members provide education through this series and share their subject matter expertise by participating in continuing education programming hosted by other provider organizations, at national conferences, and as public policy advisors.

Upcoming and previous CEU events

Transgenerational Trauma + NARCAN Training (Lunch provided)

NOVEMBER 18, 2022

Grow in Knowledge, Skills, and Spirit at Our November 18 Continuing Education Event
Hear an informative presentation, receive Narcan training, lunch with colleagues, and contribute to a great cause!

Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat and Centennial Peaks Hospital invite you to join us on Friday, November 18, for a particularly enriching continuing education experience. This 1.5-credit event features a presentation by Foundry Steamboat Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Michael Barnes, PhD, MAC, LAC, “Transgenerational impact of trauma in addiction on client and family coping,” a Narcan training provided by Centennial Peaks Hospital Community Liason Claire Founie, CTRS, CPRP, and a free delicious lunch. 

Friday, November 18, 2022

Centennial Peaks Hospital2255 South 88th StreetLouisville, CO 80027

• Doors open at 10:00 a.m.
• Presentation begins at 10:30 a.m.
• Lunch and Narcan training from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

This event is free to attend, though a $20 donation is recommended. All proceeds are donated to A Way Forward, an organization removing barriers to treatment for all people and delivering services and support, and connecting people in the St. Vrain Valley to the continuum of care at no cost.

A Connection in our Communities: A free monthly one-hour meeting to help rural therapists, healthcare providers and other community stakeholders connect and share information


Colorado’s rural communities experience some of the nation’s highest rates of substance use disorders mental health conditions and suicide and desperately need mental and behavioral health resources. Unfortunately many rural Coloradans live many miles from the specialized services they need and others face deeply embedded cultural stigmas that make it difficult to seek care.

Foundry Steamboat is pleased to invite you to join a free monthly one-hour meeting to help rural therapists, healthcare providers, and other community stakeholders connect and share information.Identify new treatment resources, learn how other communities are addressing behavioral health problems, share ideas, and ask questions. Through ongoing communication, we hope to bring about positive change in the communities we serve and call home.

This standing Zoom-based meeting takes place from 12 - 1:30 p.m. (MST) on the second Monday of each month.

Please use this Zoom link to join the meetings:

A Two-Part Presentation from Dr. LaTisha Bader and Dr. Michael Barnes

MAY 20, 2022

LaTisha Bader, Ph.d., LP, LAC, CMPC, Chief Clinical Officer of Women's Recovery
Michael F. Barnes, Ph.D., LAC, LPC, Dimplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

On May 20, Foundry Steamboat Chief Clinical Officer, Michael Barnes, Ph.D., and Women's Recovery Chief Clinical Officer, LaTisha Barnes, Ph.D., delivered deeply insightful presentations containing knowledge gleaned through decades of professional clinical experience.

Dr. Bader's presentation provides an important historical context for society's perceptions about addictive disorders and approaches to treatment, discusses differences in the factors that contribute to women developing substance use disorders, and the need for gender-informed approaches to treating women.
Dr. Barnes's presentation focuses on the need to understand the role of family systems when holistically treating substance use disorder, and the ways that living with loved ones experiencing addiction can create its own trauma that affects the family system.

These presentations offer an excellent education for any provider, regardless of one's level of clinical experience or treatment population. Please take the time to watch these informative presentations by some of the country's most experienced and respected clinicians and educators.

Watch these important and informative presentations:

Considerations for Addressing and Treating Cannabis Use Disorder

APRIL 29, 2022

Ben Cort and Chris Williams, LMFT

Ben Cort, Foundry Steamboat CEO and author of Weed, Inc., and Renovari Counseling CEO, Chris Williams, deliver an informative presentation on high-potency THC products and health problems related to their use. Ben and Chris also provide a follow-up video containing an in-depth conversations about some of the challenges posed by high-potency THC products, the difficulty treating cannabis use disorder, and problems facing people seeking recovery from problematic THC use.

Watch these important and informative presentations:

Treating Families with Addiction and Trauma: A Chronic Disease Model of Care

march 23, 2022

Foundry Steamboat, in partnership with Ashley, New Paradigm Recovery, and Sandstone Care, offered this informative Continuing Education event attended by hundreds of caregivers!

What is the process of treating the impact of trauma, addiction, and life-threatening illness on individuals, couples, and families?
 Even with our best efforts, solutions to these life-changing issues are difficult to find. The longer people live with the problem, the more normal the anxiety, pain, and fear become and the harder it is to gather the energy and insight needed to make the changes required to restore overall health. Over time, lives and relationships that were once satisfying and joyful become painful and conflicted.

The longer an individual and their family live with active addiction and trauma, a new normal has already started to form. There is no going back to normal. Therefore, successful therapy is built on a foundation of client and family acceptance, hope, honesty, and the willingness to engage in difficult conversations.

Healing occurs when individuals and their family members can move beyond the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that maintain their problems and begin to engage in new thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors that promote healing!

A primary focus of this presentation is the importance of treating family systems. Dr. Barnes developed the Michael Barnes Family Institute as a new model for addressing substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders in families. The program does not require that an individual member be in treatment to participate, and families experiencing addictive disorders can engage in the program at any stage.

Learn more about the Michael Barnes Family Institute

Clinical and Peer Considerations for Working with the LGBTQIA2+ Populations

MARCH 9, 2022

Kristina Padilla M.A., LAADC, ICAADC, CGS, C-SAT Candidate
Learn from a foremost expert, national speaker, and educator how to achieve a deeper understanding of distinctions within the trans and non-binary populations to establish a more open and productive therapeutic relationship.

Watch this important and informative presentation:

Modern Marijuana: by Cannabis & Drug Policy Experts Ben Cort & Kevin Sabet

February 3, 2022

A powerful and engaging discussion between two premier thought-leaders surrounding cannabis in America. In this discussion, Ben Cort and Kevin Sabet will dispel myths about what people believe, and help us all to understand the true nature of cannabis use in America – particularly as it becomes an expanding industry.

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This program completes 1 CE Credit
Event Time & Location:
11 - 1 pm (EST)
Virtual Event (Link provided upon registration)

The Intersectionality of SUD and PTSD – Gallus Detox & Foundry Steamboat

January 21, 2022

Gallus and Foundry Steamboat are thrilled to announce that Dr. Michael Barnes, PhD, MAC, LPC, and Steve Carleton, LCSW, CACIII will be the presenters for this event. They are both medical professionals in the substance use space who share a passion for understanding the overlap between PTSD and SUD.

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This program completes 1.5 CE Credits
Event Time & Location:
11:30 - 1 pm (MST)
Virtual Event (Link provided upon registration)
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Recovery Informed Care

January 20, 2022

Joshua Cagney, MA will discuss many of the facets of Recovery Informed Treatment. The discussion will include; the Medical Model, the Challenges both patients, and therapists face on the road to recovery, and finally the Stages of Change.

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This program completes 1 CE Credit
Event Time & Location:
11:30 - 1 pm (MST)
Virtual Event (Link provided upon registration)

Recognizing and Confronting Cross-Addiction in Adolescents and Young Adults in Recovery

NOVEMBER 18, 2021 (Ended)

Foundry Steamboat Chief Operations Officer, Tom Walker, joins colleagues from Ashley, New Paradigm Recovery, and Sandstone Care to host an educational presentation by Dr. Brannon W. Pruet.

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Earn 1 CE approved by NAADAC
Event Time & Location:
2 - 3 pm (MST)

Virtual Event (Link provided upon registration)
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