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Dr. Michael Barnes is the Chief Clinical Officer of Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat, a behavioral healthcare organization headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Michael Barnes Family Institute

An accessible, affordable, and vital two-level telehealth-based program facilitating positive change for family systems affected by addictive disorders

Developed by Dr. Michael Barnes using insights from forty years of clinical experience and research, Barnes Family Institute combines specialized curriculum, coaching, and group work to help families address the pervasive effects of addictive disorders.

This two-level telehealth program is available to any family experiencing behavioral health disorders regardless of whether a member is receiving treatment.

The five-week 101 phase provides extensive video-based psychoeducation and facilitated group learning.

The twelve-week 102 phase trains families to safely explore and address deep-seated and longstanding problems that undermine perceived safety, strain family bonds, and promote unhealthy behaviors.

The program aims to help families identify and address unresolved trauma, better relate, support recovery-oriented lifestyles, and begin the restoration of family health and function.

This program is an appropriate step at any point in the recovery journey. Designed to overcome traditional treatment barriers and address the far-reaching but often overlooked adverse effects of living with active addiction, the Michael Barnes Family Institute represents a safe and informative treatment entry point or a companion to ongoing recovery care.

Our goal is to help as many families as possible to stop the destructive multi-generational cycle of addiction and dysfunction. The Michael Barnes Family Institute is affordable and delivered via convenient telehealth to any family in America.

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