The Process of Recovery and how The Foundry Got Its Name

In 1911, my great-grandfather took over a struggling grey iron foundry in Auburn, Indiana. Auburn Foundry eventually expanded from that one plant in Indiana to six manufacturing facilities operating in four countries. The company remained family owned and operated until its sale to a German Investment Firm in 2008.


Needless to say, I learned a thing or two about grey iron castings.

The process begins by melting scrap metal and defect castings; additives are added to achieve the desired chemistry before pouring the molten iron into a sand mold. Cooling time is monitored closely as the mold is knocked off and the casting is sand- blasted and cleaned, producing a useful and necessary part to a bigger product—such as a brake drum for a car.


Consider this in the addiction treatment and recovery process.


Addicts show up to our facility, written off as “damaged goods” or castoffs like those old pieces of scrap metal. We tell them, ‘you only have to change one thing and that is everything.’ Then we introduce them to all of the new tools they’re going to use, including the Twelve Steps, which provide principles necessary to build a foundation from which their new way of life can begin.

It takes time to replace old habits with new ideals but the support and guidance from others that ‘have walked in our shoes’ provides them with hope. Addiction is a disease and those afflicted are not responsible for the disease; however, we are responsible for our recovery from the disease.


Foundry Treatment Center’s vision was formed through personal experiences and continues to grow through the dedicated compassion of the Foundry team. We share a commitment to provide a comprehensive, whole body treatment program that encourages each to seek their own values and beliefs through innovative and evidence-based treatment modalities.


Steamboat Springs, located in the Rocky Mountains, provides a setting for the natural stimulation of mind and body allowing for a return to our innate senses and a new foundation from which to build. Our forty-eight acre ranch provides the essential space to reflect unencumbered by today’s many distractions. Staff that are expert’s in their field provide the necessary guidance for each to rebuild physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We hope you’ll come join us here and let us show you recovery is possible.


Scott Borden, Founder and CEO

(844) 955-1066

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